Cool bag for travel?

hi guys!

I go down to London this Friday (15th April) for hospital and am planning to make some Huel and take it with me - I’m in need of a cool bag but not too big, and that I can get from Amazon prime if possible - I will be using blend active bottles (both 300ml and possibly 600ml too!)

Thanks for the help, I’m so confused my head is spinning!

I simply use one of those wine bottle bags you get from supermarkets and put an ice pack in it = cool for hours

Something like this with a freezer pack or put Huel in the freezer for a couple of hours and it will defrost and keep cool for ages.

I bought some £1 small plastic tubs with a lid on from a supermarket and weigh out my Huel into those. I then take my shaker and Huels out and buy cold water and shake it up when I want one.

Edit: Just seen the dates. why do people do this?

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Forget about the dates, I thought @Rhiannonny wanted a trendy satchel or something!

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Make it with ice and water rather than water, mine stays cold in a normal bag without any extra hassle :slight_smile:

As a sidenote, besides the iceboxes and so on… Traveling internationally, I always make sure to pack all my little pre-weighed bags inside of a Huel pouch. There have been a few times now I’ve been asked by security to step aside and open my carry-on, cause they just spotted a kilo of powder in little baggies. It’s been a touch easier to explain when I just show them the nicely pre-printed paperwork, so to speak.

Three times now. “Sir, could you please open the bag for us”