Huel Storage when travelling

I travel for work on a regular basis and don’t want to travel with a bag of Huel. How can anyone suggest I travel with Huel on 4/5 day business trips? Thanks.

When i travel i separate my huel into sandwich bags to make it easier, mainly because most of the time i don’t have access to scales.

I can imagine sandwich bags in a suitcase being a disaster.

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I’ve done exactly this on a regular basis. I was commuting from the UK to Germany, out on Monday, back Thursday, four weeks out of five. I took pre-measured portions of Huel in individual sandwich bags both in checked and hand luggage with no problems.

You can put those little bags in the food container. It works for me :slight_smile:

Package each meal in tinfoil like this and strap them to you.


Crying :joy::joy::joy: