Travelling with Huel

Hi. We’re hopefully heading to the states for our summer holiday. Being gluten free and vegan I nearly starved last time we went. LOL
This year I want to take my Huel with me so I have plenty to eat. Anyone here travelled with their Huel? Have you had any problems getting it through airport security?

There’s been different stories from people travelling to the States. Some people say it’s fine, other’s have had all their Huel taken off them. It seems US customs can be a little bit difficult to predict from what I’ve heard.


Been through securities in Europe with baggage x-ray a number of times, always taking full sealed bags. Never had any trouble, they even manually opened my bag to check another item once, didn’t bat an eye at the bag of powder.

In and out of the US with several kilos worth of plastic baggies inside a Huel pouch. No trouble at all. Some security checks have asked me to open my bag and show them, but like Quidditch said they don’t bat an eye. The extensive labeling helps, I guess.

I can imagine it being taken away, but I think powdered foods are legit to travel with and it shouldn’t happen. If you’re worried, don’t pack more than you can lose, I suppose.

Thanks Gen. That sounds promising. I’ll risk it and hope for the best.

Bring the Huel pouch for reference, is my advice. Easier to explain that way. I pre-pack what I bring in baggies of 100g, and the pouch works well enough as storage.

Now, I’ve only ever done this with carry-on. Luggage might get pulled aside for a quick toss and rumble. They’ll leave a mess and a nice little receipt saying ‘Hello, we the TSA have fucked up your carefully ordered packing because we thought your frying pans and shoes were a bomb. Cheers.’