Holidays with Huel (to USA)

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I am travelling to California in September and have been warned that as a vegetarian I might struggle to maintain a healthy diet in the remote areas (e.g. the desert, Yosemite etc). I have Huel for breakfast and lunch and have made so much progress with my healthy diet and how I feel now but worry I will be reduced to eating overly refined food (because I don’t eat meat). Does anyone have any experience taking Huel in their luggage (hold or hand luggage) and were there any problems? I don’t want to take a massive amount, just enough for ‘emergencies’ so I don’t want to take a whole new bag. Would rather not be stopped by armed officers because I am carrying a strange white powder.


Apparently people have travelled with Huel in their hold luggage with no problems.

I doubt you’ll be going to Yosemite - I think it’s been closed due to extensive fire damage.

Thanks! Yeah apparently there are parts that are open, so say they Hotel we’re staying at anyway, so here’s hoping!

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Oh good! Hope so!

Not sure about to USA, but I’ve travelled with the dodgy looking tiny white powder baggies in my hand carry luggage to Germany, as well as the full packets to Singapore with no problems :slight_smile: They stopped me for my jar of Ovomaltine crunchy cream spread and made me toss it, though :frowning:

Thanks @jeffy89 ! Good to know! I can’t believe they took the Ovaltine spread off you!!

Some more information here.

In short, it’s fine! But if it’s in hand luggage you’ll have to remove it for additional screening, like you would with liquids. Have a great time and stay safe. Hope that Yosemite is open for biz :call_me_hand:

Thank you! Think I might just put it in the hold luggage then!