Flying with Huel (powdered)

Has anyone taken Huel in the powdered form on a plane (either checked or carry-on luggage)? Where there any issues, seing that it’s a powder?

I have taken Huel a few times in tupperware containers as checked luggage. Never had any issues!

Several times, through a variety of European and one American security check. Very often in the carry-on. At worst they will ask you to open and reveal the product.

I’ve kept mine pre-weighed in little baggies, even, but I always stash it inside a Huel pouch, so that I can show them exactly what it is.

No trouble.

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No problems with Huel through Europe but once got a bit of grief for a “vegan” pork pie…

Thanks everyone, I won’t think twice about it then!

Is that because they suspected you of telling porkies…

Ok I’ll get my coat


Same here! No problem during my travels around Europe, USA or Canada.

terrible… truly terrrible please leave. :smile:

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Took Huel in carry-on to Norway from Gatwick, no problems.

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I just added a new topic about NZ. Haven’t had a problem with taking it in my checked-in baggage.

You won the internet today, have a Huel cookie…

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