Can i take huel to the plane?


This may be a silly question, but can I take my huel with me to the plane in luggage?

Thank you for the reply!

Unopened bags of Huel powder have been ok so far.

We don’t have enough reports about opened bags yet.

No idea about granola or bars, but they should be ok.

Huel RTD and Huel powder mixed with water in a shaker have not been ok.

Please test it and report back.

I’ve not had a problem with taking individually weighed portions in clear ziplock bags in my luggage. Not even in the original packaging.

If you do a search for luggage you’ll see this gets asked pretty frequently and there are plenty of people who have taken Huel on flights in either carry on or checked luggage, both in unopened bags and in portioned containers.

Yes. You can take Huel powder and bars on a plane. You are unable to take the RTD on a plane, and unable to take water to mix the powder with.

Taking huel as powder isn’t usually an issue in regards to flying, but it could be an issue to take food into the country you are entering.
It’s important to check the laws for the country you are going to - some do not allow food at all, others restrict supplements or certain ingredients. Some countries are fine with it as long as you declare it.
Most people don’t bother to declare it and it’s usually not an issue. But if they check your luggage and find something you haven’t declared, the fines can be huge.
It’s probably best to always declare it.
But most people don’t… and don’t get any hassle.

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I am going to Lanzarote next week and I intend to take my Huel with me.

I went on the government website to see what the rules are with taking food to the Canary Islands and it said that as long as it’s in unopened and it’s original packaging it should be fine.

I would suggest going on the government website and look up where your going to and see what the guidelines are.

I would say it’s worth taking it with you anyway. The absolute worst is that they take it off of you. It’s not the end of the world.

I’ve taken opened huel bags on flights across europe from the uk and ive only been stopped once. when i was stopped i didn’t have huel in the resealable bag, but instead i had separated the powder in portions.

They asked to search your bags they could clearly see my huel shaker as well as the bags of powder. They asked to test the powder which took about 30 seconds while i was putting on my belt and shoes.

That was it, no harm done. I would say to keep the huel in the shipped huel bag probably would have saved a little hassle if they could have read the ingredients list.