Travelling abroad with huel?

Hi all been using huel for about a month now and really enjoying the experience. With summer getting close im just wondering how I can take it abroad with me. I’ll be traveling from the UK and staying within Europe. Any help would be appreciated.

I wanna know this too actually :slight_smile:

From what I have seen, this has not been a problem before. You should be fine

Hey Andrew, thanks for the message. I apologise now and hope this doesn’t come across as unhelpful. There are quite a few threads about taking Huel in your luggage abroad - both checked and carry-on. Forgive me if these don’t provide you with the information you need.

If it helps, I have taken Huel twice in my carry-on. 1st time was a sealed bag to Norway, no issues. 2nd time was an open bag, internal to Scotland, which got picked up on scanner but after just getting it out the bag and saying that it was powder I had no problems.

Hope this helps!