Flying abroad with lots of huel

hi i will be going away for 7 weeks to india and wondered if anybody had taken huel abroad. i eill need 7 x packets for 7 weeks. will i need anything for the airport/security. will it get through. if it doesnt i wont manage at all! thanks

I’ve heard lots of people taking it abroad without issue. Huel also ships to India so that is another option and may work out cheaper than paying the airline to carry it. Dunno what will happen at the actual airport though. I know Australia you have to fill out a card stating if you are taking any food in.

i wont need to pay to carry it. that is very interesting that they ship to india!!! i will have a look into it thanks

I went on holiday to Majorca in the summer and decided against taking any Huel.

I just had visions of trying to explain why I had a kilo or so of white powder in my suitcase…