Travelling from U.K to U.S.A with Huel

Hey Hueligans,

I’ve got a trip to Las Vegas coming up and I wondered if there are any recent travel experiences with Huel in checked luggage heading to the USA?

I’m wanting to take a bag of Huel with me but I’m a little worried I might get interrogated by the hardcore American authorities…I will wet myself :joy:

Any advice / experiences will be hugely appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your time.



Joke, :laughing:I have your own doubt.

In the end I think the normal rules apply, it’s not a liquid and it’s not exotic food.
Obviously given its dusty consistency it can cause some initial perplexity …



I’m glad you asked this because I am going on holiday in August and want to take Huel with me too.

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Taking Huel on a flight or in the hold is fine from a security standpoint. What you would need to check is if there are any specific restrictions on food in the destination country.


I think it’ll be fine. If it’s in the original pouch they’ll be able to see what it is, and you can get Huel in the US so it’s not some weird foreign powder.

Do not try to hide it by putting it up your arse. If anything that will make them more suspicious.


I’ll let you know how I get on, flying on the 5th of July. :+1:

:joy::joy::joy: promise I won’t put it up my bum!

Thanks all for responses, very much appreciate it.

P.S considering packing it in other half’s case & denying all knowledge if collared :shushing_face:

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It will be fine as long as it’s in it’s original sealed unopened packaging.
Make sure you declare it though.
Undeclared food can land you with a £10,000 fine, and a lot of unnecessary hassle.

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