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Hi, possibly a stupid question but has anyone here travelled on planes with a bag of huel powder in their hand luggage?

I use Huel to help hit my daily bulk targets and I’m going away for two weeks with just hand luggage.

Id like to take a (unopened, still sealed) pouch with me. I know Huel itself isn’t illegal to travel with but I’m wondering how airport security will view a bag full of unidentified powder!

Depends entirely on where you are travelling to really – most places will be OK, but if you are travelling somewhere like Asia where many countries have mandatory capital punishment for drug smuggling you may have some serious explaining to do :blush: Also, any country that has strict food/bio security rules, such as Australia, may confiscate and destroy any food product you try to bring in.


Man that made me chuckle.

“But sir, its a highly nutrious meal, ntel cocayeena”

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I used to work airside at Gatwick and I regularly took 90g of Huel powder in a plastic container through staff search and it was never a problem. I asked a person on security the first time who told me there are no restrictions on powders so in theory at least you should be fine to take a bag with you but make sure you check the food import rules on the destination country.

I would take it out of your luggage and place it on its own tray when it goes through the x-ray machine so it doesn’t look like you are trying to hide it.

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I just flew to Dubrovnik, Croatia with a couple of bags. No problem.

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Thanks for the quick and helpful replies everyone :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve flown to Norway and Indonesia with Huel in my hand luggage. Norway the pouch had been opened too and got no questions. Indo they didn’t care really but were more concerned I was going to sell it on which would have been taxable. So no problem really.

What’s the street value of huel there? :rofl:

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