Travelling Abroad

Hi there,

new user - cant recommend the benefits of using Huel enough to people. However, when i ran out of Huel i crumbled, cravings returned, inconsistent eating and meal plan formed and i was generally feeling worse off with less energy than i had when i was using.

I’m now looking to go 100% with the product when i re-order.

back to my question though - i will be spending 16 days abroad and was going to take enough huel for the duration. has anyone ever had any issues in travelling with Huel? i have both checked in and carry-on luggage.

just dont want to spend my time in an interrogation room

apologies if this question has already been asked/answered.


I travelled with Huel from Poland to Norway (carry-on) and multiple times to the USA (checked-in). No issues whatsoever. In the US I always declare it, sometimes they would run additional scan on my bag but it always was “what would Immigration Officer even bother me with that” attitude. You should be good.

But since Huel is now available in the US I don’t need to carry it around. :slight_smile:

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