International travel

Hi, I due to fly to India on Sunday and keen to take my Huel with me. Just wondered if anybody has traveled this year and what their experience was

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I haven’t taken Huel with me but if you do I am very curious to know your experience - I travel to India a few times a year and if my experiences have taught me anything is you’ll either be fine or be in for a very long wait. The concept of Huel likely to be alien to them and given the simple packaging they may get suspicious and conduct testing.

Last time I flew into CSIA they did not want to search checked baggage, only carry on after clearing immigration.

Would suggest you take unopened bags. I don’t think that there is anything illegal in the product but one thing to note is the customs declaration card. It requires you to declare on the customs form:

Seeds/plants/seeds/fruits/flowers/other planting material

Their customs policy ( states that seeds and plant material are prohibited and require a permit. The page says

“The import of seeds and plants for the purpose of sowing, planting and propogation, consumption, research and breeding requires an import permit.”

The ingredients listing states “Flaxseed” as an ingredient, I don’t know if this is likely to cause any complications if you tick NO to importing any and then they see the word “seed”.

But given you’re travelling to, for me at least one of the worlds best places for eating, I would be leaving my Huel firmly at home. :slight_smile:

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Interesting question. I’m currently in Paris for the weekend and missing my Huel. Some kind of ready to eat Huel bar/snack (which I imagine is coming at some point) would be great for travel.

Anyway I’m going to enjoy some French cuisine this weekend then go 100% Huel for a few days when I get back :slight_smile:


I’d be more concerned about trying to get my blender bladed through customs.:grin:

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Well I’m back now… had a great weekend of french food… escargots, tartare de boeuf, raclette, boudin noir… no Huel but I did enjoy a glass of champagne on top of the Eiffel Tower whilst wearing my Huel hoodie :champagne::grin:

Now going 100% until Friday evening :yum:

I flew out to Norway yesterday for a week, took 2 bags of Huel in my hold luggage along with all my flavour pouches. No problems at all. (except I did forget my scoop!)