Taking Huel on Holiday

Afternoon all.

I’m going on Holiday to Germany at the end of May, and I’d like to take Huel with me for Breakfast and Lunch purposes.

Now my question is, how likely am I to get stopped by Airport security with a bag of white powder in my bag?

Has anybody experienced this? What are your tips?

At this point I might just put it in a ziploc bag, write ‘Not Cocaine’ on it and hope for the best.


I’ve just done this both in my checked baggage and hand luggage.

Checked was fine in terms of not opening my suitcase to find clothes now covered in powder :wink:

Hand luggage was fine - I carried the powder in a shaker going through Vienna and London Heathrow security - neither stopped me or anything.

Huel is no problem to take on holiday either checked or in hand luggage :slight_smile:


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