Travelling to Oz


I’m on around my second week of Huel, my body is used to it now and I’m enjoying the simplicity and the taste when combined with oat, coconut and hazelnut milk.

My issue is I’m travelling to Oz in two weeks. I’m guessing I would look like a drug Barron travelling through customs with my Huel in plastic bags :rofl::joy_cat:.

What have others done when you’ve travelled abroad ?


Huel drug baron lol I like it. They might be filming that border security program, we will see you and your Huel bags on TV, free advertising. Have your shaker handy and some water so they can sample it. Or just snort it…

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You should be OK if you carry unopened original packaging. According to Transport Security Administration policy, it is recommended to store powdered food greater than 12 ounces in your checked luggage, rather than carry on where it could be subject to additional screening and potentially discarded.

Australian Customs can be wary of food products, and there is a huge banned list, but Huel should be OK.

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Travel abroad in general isn’t an issue. I’ve travelled internationally with Huel opened and closed in hold and carry on with no issues. It was shown up on a scan in hold and I said it was powder and they said that was OK.

If you’re worried, then take a sealed pouch and pop it in your hold luggage. Consider taking the booklet too if you need to explain it!

Also, please let us know how you get along! So many people post these posts then don’t let us know if it was all OK. We assume they were taking for “further questioning” and never to be seen again! So let us know either way so we can update our advice :wink:

Otherwise have a great trip!


Hello, just an update on this. In the end I didn’t take Huel. Not only was I struggling in luggage spacebut also all the advice was that they’re very strict. When I landed there were videos, posters etc repeatedly asking you to declare any food. Of those who did they were getting their whole suitcase assessed. I was glad in the end I didn’t take it as I would’ve worried myself. I did manage to eat healthy while I was away and looked forward to Huel when I got back :grimacing:

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