Huel International Flight to Australia


Hi everyone,

In July I will be flying to Australia for a couple of weeks and I would love to take a full unopened bag of Huel with me to have healthy, affordable food available at any time. I read a few threads here where people told that they didn’t have any issue taking huel with them in the carry-on or checked-in luggage, but at a few occasions people noted that Australian customs are really strict concerning food.

So I was wondering: does anyone have experience taking Huel to Australia/NZ? Is it best to put the full bag in the carry-on (so that I can answer questions) or in the checked-in (risking that they break my luggage to inspect it)?

Fyi: my flights are Brussels -> Perth , Perth -> Sydney and Sydney -> Brussels

Thanks a lot!


Having a full pouch in your carry on will be a PITA and imagine if the bag gets bashed about and the pouch splits.

I’m sure you have to fill in some kind of document and declare if you are bringing any food into the country so it will be declared on that.

If you wanted to be super sure you could contact the Australian embassy and then at least then you would have their reply in writing to take with you.


Thanks, I just emailed the embassy. I hope they will reply soon :slight_smile:

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Just try this on Aussie customs if they ask any questions

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Pre-pack the meals, stack them in the Huel bag. Measuring on the move is a hassle, and I second Coup on the risk of tearing the bag.