Huel in Australia

Hi, apologies if this has been discussed before. I used to live in the UK & use Huel regularly for a lunch substitute, but since moving to Australia I haven’t been able to find anything that’s close to Huel. Please tell me you can ship to Australia?? Or a way that it can be ?

Any help would be gratefully received


Not anytime soon.

Sorry about this, it’s on the roadmap but no date for you yet. Jono our videographer is from Sydney and is always complaining that his family have no idea what company he works for!

If for example I when to visit the UK on holiday & bought say a months supply of Huel specifically to bring back and use. What do you think the chances of getting through customs are ? Really want to bring some back but don’t want to spend the money just to get it taken away by customs ? Thanks for your replies

I imagine it’ll be fine getting through customs. I know Oz doesn’t let certain food groups through but I don’t believe Huel contains anything that it belongs to any of them.