Is Huel available in Australia?

I’ve a friend who recently had a big heart op and is not on a very strict and controlled diet (made up by his wife). I’d lie to introduce him to Huel as I think it would provide some great nutritious and tasty options for him.

unfortunately not

I see.
Thanks Phil. That’s a shame

Hi @himji

I was in the same position - unable to get Huel in Australia.

I found another post on here talking about a similar brand called vybey. Huel being available in Australia: Very Important - #22 by markus

I can confirm it’s a great Huel replacement! Their website is:

No need to spam every thread tho

I’ve recommended Vybey to Australian relatives before when they have asked me about Huel but you should be aware that if you are a practising Vegan, then according to their FAQ’s none of their products are 100% vegan.

it also looks like that in order to comply with Australian packaging recycling rules they are using Tabick/Vacupack Repeat mono-material pouches. these are fully recyclable and offer gas and moisture barriers but there is a conspicuous lack (none) of data on their UV properties. So the powder will probably store fine unopened for 12 months but depending on where you store it, the contents nutritional profile may have degraded over time.