Will Huel Greens be coming to the UK?

I have athletic greens but it’s it affordable to take on a daily basis so if Huel Greens comes to the Uk at the right price point I am in!

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Hey there!

Even though Daily Greens is only available in the US, this is not to say that it might not make an appearance in other regions in the future. We’re always aiming to expand our repertoire, and I will make sure to pass your feedback on to the team :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m casting a vote over here too!

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Hope so, I would buy it.

Yes, I’d certainly consider it, Ive thought about trying AG a couple of times, but wondered if it would overlap with Huel in terms of heath benefits.

I keep seeing lots of AG promotions. What does Huel Greens purport to provide your body with that Huel powder doesn’t already provide?

More information over on the US product launch thread


Wow, I haven’t heard about this yet. I’d like to see this in Germany as well, I’d definitely try it.

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+1 for Huel Greens over here.

It’s disappointing that the birthplace of Huel (UK) doesn’t get new product lines first or at the same time as other regions - especially with products that aren’t regionally tailored. Frustrating as there are so many US companies who will only launch new products in the US first before other regions as that’s where they’re based.

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I was personally upset to see a US launch first too.
Although, it appears a complete meal brand called vybey has just launched their premium greens version. Looks to be very similar to Athletic Greens & Huel Greens but a focus on braincare ingredients too.
I think will be a good substitute until Huel Greens UK comes out.
vybey greens braincare
Available across UK, EU & Australia as per their website.


Welcome to the forum Elliot! Hope you enjoy your stay :grin:

It takes some bravery to openly admit that you’re “cheating” on us :stuck_out_tongue:, but I completely understand if you’re specifically looking for a greens powder in the UK.

Hope we can win your love back in the future!


A cynical man might think that a brand new account only posting to link to a rival product might not be 100% genuine


Nice to meet you Dom & thanks!

I think this means I’m now non-monogamy rather than cheating! I’m still very much in love with the Huel RTDs (frequent Tesco & Heathrow vending user!) & black edition connoisseur!

As you said, I need a premium greens in the UK that is more affordable so will just have to wait for Huel.

Hope this is ok :smile:

On reflection, a cynical man may agree but as you can see from my message to Dom, I’m a big Huel fan & have been since the early days.

I thought I would post on this thread to help my fellow UK Hueligans get access to what looks like a new product that matches Huel greens for nutritionals. Until of course we can get Huel greens in the UK.

As I’m sure you will agree, AG1 is very expensive & I personally don’t want to pay that anymore. Seems like both Huel & vybey have been able to get the price down to a much more affordable rate for the same premium ingredients. Which concludes that AG1’s margin are huge!

Onwards & upwards for the industry!


Can you substantiate that? Just checked the ingredient lists and they don’t look to me like they’re equivalent at all.


Uh huh. Well I’m convinced.

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Trouble is that even the slightest suspicion of bogus advertising reflects badly on the brand in question. Does them no favours at all.

Apart from Huel’s protein additions, I’d argue they are very similar.
Both have a vegetable/herbs blend, super fruit blend, digestive, adaptogens, & mushrooms.
Albeit, Huel have more ingredients, the overall nutritionals will fair the same due to composition of each ingredient quantity as both appear to be approx 12-15g in serving.

Why would you not if I may ask?

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Agreed if was disingenuous. Unsure what is ‘bogus’ about my post as well.
As mentioned, they are both solving problems. AG1 is too expensive (imo) & both brands have developed what appears to be world class products at a far cheaper price. Bravo to both.

My point is that merely the suspicion of an attempt to promote a rival product by claiming equivalence can be damaging to the new brand.

I don’t know one way or the other but phrases like


are surprising.