Daily Greens has landed in the UK 💚

It’s here!
Huel Daily Greens has finally landed: the most comprehensive greens powder – a perfect blend of 91 vitamins, minerals and wholefood-sourced ingredients, including nutrient-packed superfoods, gut-friendly probiotics, and adaptogens.
Name another greens supplement that is wholefood-sourced, costs just £1.50 per serving, and contains 91 nutrients…
We’ll wait.
:green_heart: Super greens & fruit blend
:green_heart: 91 vitamins, minerals, and wholefood-sourced nutrients
:green_heart: 170 health benefits
:green_heart: Adaptogens & dairy-free probiotics
:green_heart: Just £1.50 per serving
:green_heart: 50kcal
Eat, sleep, greens, repeat :arrows_counterclockwise:
Available now in the UK! Get yours before it sells out: Huel Daily Greens


So this is not really aimed at current Huel eaters?
Is that correct? As the nutrients overlap. That’s how I read the info (…a boost … why not?). Consumers of 2 portions of Huel per day wouldn’t need it?
This suggests it’s all about the vitamins and minerals and the other stuff has no active effect?


Ordered :broccoli: Looking forward to this thank you! I have read the FAQ, but could you please clarify how this sits with Daily A-Z? I have been having Daily A-Z every day since August, however I would much rather get the bulk of such nutrients from whole food organic sources, so this seems perfect.

So if I have Daily Greens every morning instead, could I not have any Daily A-Z cans during the same day in case of overloading on certain vits/minerals? Or perhaps a can in the evening or something?

Also a nutritional profile comparison between Greens and A-Z would be really appreciated!

I’d like to know this as well. Already use Huel Black for two meals a day.

Then you dont need it. they cover this off on the product page FAQ’s

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I’m confused. Isn’t there always going to be some benefit in adding DG to a diet of 2+ shakes, because DG contains beneficial ingredients missing from v3.1?

Overall doesn’t the offer of Daily Greens go some way to deny the claims of completeness for other Huel products? I know there’s no legal standard for the use of the word ‘complete’ but it’d be helpful to have guidance on the use of DG for those of us who believe(d) our shakes were ‘complete nutrition’ without the need for any extras.

I was excited at the idea of DG, for additional health benefits, but if my 2 Essential shakes per day covers all the bases, I can just ignore it.

Or am I missing something?


I’m also surprised by this response.

“Complete”, I thought, was enough macro’s and all the essential micro’s as defined by the UK and/or EU for sustained healthy living. Huel then added a few others they think are beneficial.

DG however, contains far more of these “others” than the powders. It’s full of antioxidants, superfoods and general goodness (not all included in the powders), but the amount of calories is low, as it’s not intended to be “food”.

Roughly half of my calories for the average week come from Huel products. I would have thought I would have still benefitted from DG.

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I would assume that that’s right.

The advice from Huel that anyone on two daily shakes doesn’t need the additional nutrients in DG strikes me as maybe a kind of equivocation, perhaps to avoid diluting the effectiveness of the ‘complete nutrition’ guarantee attached to the powders.

But I suppose the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. It might need a non-scientific DIY experiment: try DG alongside the 2 daily shakes and see how it feels. Waste of time? (as Huel says), or noticeable benefits? (as I’d hope).

That’s my thinking too.

Be mindful of the amounts of micronutrients. Some become toxic or harmful in large doses . Vitamin A springs to mind I can’t remember the details.

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confused… :confused:

:100: Cronometer is a really useful app to easily see this. Allows people to enter individual Huel products (or anything else), see all the individual nutrients they contain, and if any are nearing/breaching the upper limits when consumed in a single day. Recommend!

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Thanks Hex, I get easily discouraged when things get even a little bit complicated. With Daily A-Z and Daily Greens in the mix things are definitely more varied, more choice.

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my understanding of it is that greens is more for people have their core Huel meals sporadically or only once a day so are not getting a good balance of nutrition regularly?

The Superblend product seems to be an answer to the question of using both greens and core powders regularly so I’m curious if that proves successful whether it will become the core powder product at some point down the line.

What superblemd?

It’s a hybrid product of what appears to be a mix of the 3.1 powders and greens so they classify it as a meal rather than a supplement. it launched recently in the US market and so only appears on the US website.

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Hey all! So excited that Daily Greens has reached the UK :green_heart: :uk:

Just wanted to try and clarify our little Q&A on when to use Daily Greens, and when perhaps not to.

For new Hueligans and those enjoying one Huel meal a day, Daily Greens serves as a great top-up of essential vitamins and minerals. If you’re enjoying more than one serving of Huel a day, it’s likely your intake of said vits and mins is already sufficient, and Daily Greens won’t be necessary.

Key word here is ‘necessary’. There are additional ingredients in the DG blend - adaptogens, botanicals etc. - that aren’t found in Huel meals that may confer additional health benefits. If you’d like to enjoy DG alongside two servings of Huel a day to get those extra fun ingredients into your diet, this is really up to you.

My only nutrition tip here would be to be mindful of your vitamin and mineral intake from Huel and other food sources, and take extra care if you also currently take another supplement, just to ensure you’re not overdoing it on the micronutrient front. If you’ve not been prescribed your multi-vit by a doctor, I’d even suggest considering swapping it out for a dose of DG :blush:


side question @Amy_Huel - will the Greens bottle be also made available on the accessories store?

As they’re both pretty loaded up with micronutrients, I’d suggest picking one or the other each day - perhaps alternating? :blush:

Thanks for your suggestion r.e. a comparison - I’ll see what we can do :cherries::green_apple:

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So glad that Huel is moving in this direction! Daily Greens and Superblend are the types of Huel products I’ve been looking for the most since I started Huel in 2018 – making as much of my diet originate from organic whole food sources as possible.

I would buy more Huel than I do already if they offered a nutritionally complete greens powder that can be used like 3.1 but contained organic whole food ingredients like DG and Superblend. Also know a few people who would come back to Huel for this too.

Looking forward to the Daily Greens delivery today!