Supergreens for £25 per kilogram!

A lot of people here talk about supergreens and stuff now and then, and good old Aldi is selling them for £25 per kilogram! That is much, much cheaper than you’ll find them anywhere else. £2.49 for a 100g packet So, for those Huelers who like to add a teaspoon of something green into their Huel, this is your chance to get the green stuff for a bargain price :smiley:


interesting! thanks for the info I am going to give it a try …

Does this add any health benefits to what’s already in Huel?

I don’t know, since Huel is as complete as humans know how to make it right now.

However, some people have a suspicion that scientists might discover other nutrients we didn’t know about that we need, and for this reason they like to add something. For most people they solve the problem by having one balanced meal with veggies and everything in the evening, and have Huel for breakfast and lunch. For me, adding supergreens is necessary because I can only consume about 1000 to 1200 calories in a day, so I’m not getting everything from Huel, as I’d have to consume 2000 calories of Huel per day to meet my daily quota.

The benefit of a supergreens powder is thought to lie in phytonutrients. Huel does contain some phytonutrients, but as there are thousands and thousands of them, there are many it doesn’t have. As you mention, there are also many we haven’t even discovered yet.

Some phytonutrients have had more studies done on them than others (hence Huel’s addition of lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene), whilst others have some reported benefits, but there aren’t enough studies to back them up.

The value of a supergreens powder is mainly in providing some of these phytonutrients which may be beneficial, but may also not be. It’s extremely unlikely they’ll be harmful though, as then anyone consuming fruits and vegetables would risk a decrease in health. But yeah, super greens are something that may be beneficial but we aren’t certain on basically.

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Sounds good. Do you have a picture of the packet to help me find them faster? Thanks!

Thank you for that. I’m technically retarded and didn’t know how to get a photo up here, as was requested of me. Thanks for uploading the photo.
The stuff tastes terrible, LOL. After mixing it with my liquid organic carbon based vitamin mix, I have to hold my nose and chuck it down and quickly wash it down with a big swig of Huel :smiley:

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I just purchased some maca powder from their Amazon store (BOGOF at the moment so quite a bit cheaper than Aldi) They’ve got some interesting stuff on there:

I emailed them about the Supergreens only being available in Aldi, they said they are clearing the current batch (hence the BOGOF) so should be available in 500g bags on there soon.