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I am starting on Huel tomorrow. My schedule is very busy like most, but extra at the moment due to lots of work stuff.

I am going on a detox and I need to loose some weight also.

If I were to use Huel predominately, should I use veggies/ fruit added?

What extra nutrition can I add to my Huel?

I do have a blender but I can’t use it for a week.
(So non blend options/ and blend)

Thanks Guys

Would buying veg powder be a good move to complete huel?

I don’t think it’s necessary to add anything to Huel, but you may wish to do so for flavour (e.g. adding a banana is a popular option) or boosting a particular nutrient when you need more than the RDA.

My journey to Huel started a few years ago as a ‘green smoothie’ enthusiast, blending a large amount (8-12 oz) of greens with perhaps 400g berries, plus powders of one sort or another, pus a little fat to absorb the phytonutrients…in fact I was always tinkering with the recipe as it is not at all obvious how to balance ingredients to provide all nutrients in the right quantity. So when Huel came along, it was a relief to have a smoothie meal that was where someone else has done all the hard work needed to provide all the nutrients we need.


Thanks for the reply.

I saw a super green powder mix online, surely that can only be good? I’m just thinking I need to get lots of veg inside of me? And I’m not sure the best way to do it?

My understanding is that Huel contains a readily bioavailable and balanced mix of nutrients from good plant sources which acts to effectively replace the nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables, amongst other things.

When you say you need to ‘get lots of veg inside you’ that would be because you want to get a lot of the good nutrients from them inside you, but Huel contains all those nutrients and more. I used to think like you, and now I think ‘I need to get lots of Huel inside of me’ instead :slight_smile:

Even though Huel contains phytonutrients, some may argue there could still be a health benefit from eating (and chewing) fresh fruit and vegetables, because of some of the natural toxins they contain that then break down into the body into beneficial enzymes / nutrients. I personally wouldn’t be someone to launch such an argument because I am a believer that Huel does a good job of replacing this nutrition, but some might. However, what would be less watertight would be to argue the same case for powdered vegetable blends and/or multivitamin mixes / tablets. Once you’re talking about these you really may as well just look to get everything out of Huel.
I would be very surprised if the super green powder mix you saw online contained any beneficial nutrients which Huel does not. It’d be good to convert your way of thinking to being in terms of specific nutrients rather than the category of their sources; Huel does contain vegetables (pea, seeds etc) and the idea of having to have a balanced diet is only to ensure intake of the whole range of nutrients the body needs, which again, is all included in Huel.

TL;DR - drink Huel, don’t worry about fruit and vegetables (unless you simply enjoy eating them of course!) - Huel replaces the nutrients found in them.

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