New user of Huel - do I need extra vegetable or fruit intake to make up my '5+ a day'?

Hi guys,

I am a new user of Huel currently for breakfast and dinner and I was wondering if it’s required for me to increase my fruit/vegetable intake during lunch?

I don’t usually have salads for lunch but wondered if I need to watch my vegetable and/or fruit intake.


I don’t think anyone knows the answer to this question.

I am making sure I still get fruit and vegetables just in case Huel is missing something we’re not aware of.

I’ve started experimenting with something called Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance, alongside Huel. It’s a powdered food like Huel, but one that specifically has a huge amount of plant matter and a very wide variety of plant enzymes, probiotics, polyphenols and other green things that Huel is missing. But yeah, I’d chuck some veggies in. I’m just really into this futurefood lark =]

You could also chuck some powdered super greens in your Huel. Tons of brands and flavours of super greens to choose from. Got one free from Holland and Barrett after spending 15 quid in store.

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Does anyone use Vital Reds as advertised in this video below? Or anything similar here in the UK?