A slight confusion

Hi everyone, hope you’re ok.

Few days ago I started an almost 100% Huel diet. The only thing I am adding to my diet is cooked chicken breast for extra protein. I plan to continue with this diet for a long time.

However I’ve been eating 0 veggies & fruits. I reckon this is probably a bad idea, I might be wrong. Can anyone please kindly clarify if this is safe in the long run.

Thanks in advance & sorry if this has been asked countless times before.

It’s not very safe for the chicken.


Could you please elaborate on what you mean?

0 out of 10 kitchens recommend Huel

Well… you’re eating it (the chicken). I am curious about this though as I didn’t think chicken was water soluble, presumably you blend it, cooked first?

Jokes aside, Huel is complete nutrition, so assuming you don’t have any specialist nutritional needs then you’re good to go. I know it can seem odd that you can genuinely get all you need to stay alive from a powdered shake, but it does seem to be true based on our current scientific understanding of nutrition.

There’s a couple of pages that might be worth having a look through to assuage any concerns, long reads but good info.

Haha thank you. Sorry for my pathetic English.

Don’t apologise. Many English people cannot speak languages other than English. I live in Somerset where most speak fluent Bumpkin…a series of grunts, squeals and tractor noises.


and that’s just on a first date…


In terms of safety you will most likely be okay. However, in terms of what’s best for health including more fruits and vegetables in your diet is always a good idea.

What about blending some into your Huel?


That sounds like a great idea. Thanks for that.

Do you have any veggies or fruits in mind that blends well with Huel Black?

I don’t want to mix something random for it to taste bad.

I recently tried some frozen avocado pulp. Bought a block of and chopped it into 12 cubes and put back in the freezer. Adding one frozen cube to the blender with your Huel shake gives it a really creamy taste and texture without altering the flavour much at all.

You can literally blend in anything you normally like eating fruit and veg wise. Bananas, strawberries, frozen cherries or acai pulp etc etc. bananas and raw honey are a particular favourite.


I have to admit that the whole point of Huel for me is that I don’t have to worry about adding anything else to my diet. I’m still alive and feeling very healthy so I think you can probably live on it. I’m really, really lazy when it comes to food so Huel is perfect for me.


If you want fresh I think any fruit works except kiwi. Vegetables leafy greens (like spinach and kale) are good as long as you don’t overload them and carrot too.

Top tip is head to the supermarket and get a bag of mixed frozen fruit/vegatables. Then no need to prep anything, saves money, longer shelf-life and chills your Huel!


As a tip for people wanting to go 100% Huel like I do, be careful if you are prone to higher levels of uric acid. This sets off my gout quite a bit.

I just like to throw that out there when people say you’re ‘mostly okay’ with 100% Huel, but they never seem to give one of the actual concerns.

So there you go, if you have gout, or have had it, take care!

This is such an underrated tip. That longer shelf life, doing your bit for the environment too!

Can you tell it’s Friday! :rofl:

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I’m basically in the same boat as Julia -

I don’t want to eat conventional food because my body needs it to function - especially from a nutritional standpoint, where I have to make sure that what I eat contains all of my daily needs.
I want to eat conventional food when I can appreciate what I’m eating, be it a home-cooked meal, or going out (sans covid… ) to eat, and with-or-without friends.

“Nutrifoods” such as Huel is the solution I’ve been looking for: for those boring workday breakfasts and lunches - in my job it’s very rare to be able to have lunch with colleagues, my schedule covers both weekdays and weekends … and sometimes “lunch” is scheduled at 07:50 :eyes:. Or when I’m just too lazy to cook after work.
Today, I have a free weekend, and after a Saturday morning sleep-in, I’m now having tea with sandwiches.

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Ever since Brave New World I’ve wished that there was a pill that I could just take three times a day which would give me all the nutrition that I needed with no fuss. Huel is the equivalent of this.

I’ve lost a lot of weight over the last few years through conventional means but counting calories using food is time consuming and complicated and I was cutting food groups from my diet to avoid weight gain. I was eating no fat at all. This is obviously not ideal.

Huel gives me complete nutrition. It tastes great with water so no added calories. It’s also allowed me to change to a completely plant based diet which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but it just seemed too damn complicated. Now, I have Huel for breakfast and lunch every day. I use the bars for snacks if I get hungry in between although I’ve just ordered some of the new protein powder to use instead of the bars. I use plant based ready meals for dinner and swapped my cows milk for oat milk. It’s been so easy.

I feel better than I did 20 years ago and fully intend to live forever.


this is it

Aren’t you supposed to cook those frozen vegetables until piping hot before consumption?

I’m interested by this discussion. I would have thought a 100% Huel diet would be “safe” but wouldn’t constipation be an issue? (Just interested to learn and find out!)