100% Huel: deficiencies?


I’ve read that some people are eating 100% Huel.
Nothing else oO

There are no vegetables nor fruits in the huel powder, so don’t we should fear to have deficiencies by doing that?

What about the antioxidants? Does Huel contains any?
What about the acid-base balance?


I can’t think what you mean by carrencies ?

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and Huel contains all the essential vitamins and minerals plus plenty fibre, so is nutritionally similar to eating plenty fruit and veg

Deficiencies? Perhaps you should have a read through Huel’s nutritional info @vanquish.

Yes Deficiencies sorry, pardon my english :stuck_out_tongue:

So you really mean / think huel is absolutely perfect food, equivalent to a perfect diet with vegetables, fruits, antioxidants, etc. ?
Why not all earth eat that?

In theory, yes it is a ‘perfect food’ as far as nutrition goes (they keep striving for more perfection, though).
It has all the nutrition one would need at a 2.000 kcal/day diet.

Reasons to not go 100% could be social (eating with friends, break at school/work, etc.).
There are also the specific ingredients used, which can certainly make a difference.
For example, Huel uses pea protein where-as similar brands might use whey protein and some
people can’t take pea protein or whey protein (or just less, so no 100%).

I’m not really 100%, but close enough I guess. Other than some coffee at work, I usually have
a non-Huel meal for dinner on either or both, Saturday and Sunday. Started early January,
but close to Huel-only since 18th January and doing great. So can confirm there are no issues
in the first few months, even though I come from a rather unhealthy (take-away food) diet.
Of course, for many different reasons, it differs for everyone.

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It’s about convenience rather than being ‘better’.
I think everyone would agree that a healthy, varied, perfectly balanced fresh and whole food diet that is also low impact on the planet would be ideal… but how possible is it to maintain this kind of diet all the time, and still be able to work, socialise and have time to research and source all your foods.
Huel is affordable, convenient, healthy, balanced, and kind to the planet - so even if it’s not ‘perfect’ or the ‘best’, it’s pretty close


Agree with @ChristinaT and it’s so much healthier than my ( and many others here ) previous unhealthy diet.

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