Huel + ? = Perfect diet

If you were trying to eat the absolute pinnacle of healthy diets, what would you eat alongside Huel?

I understand Huel provides all the required nutrients if you consume it 100%, but are there any foods you’d particularly recommended to eat along with it?

Because as far as I understand, Huel is far better than a typical diet, but still not regarded as the absolute ideal. I realise it’s unlikely anything will be 100% perfect (especially as different people have different requirements), but I’d be curious if you had to pick just a few foods to eat alongside with Huel, what would be your recommendations for the healthiest and most beneficial options possible?

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I’m pretty much 100% on Huel, aside from a little ‘food sin’ in the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:
Exploring different other brands now as well, but Huel is still my first choice for
different reasons.

Putting aside my ‘ways to Huel’, I think by having a few meals of Huel it’s easier
to allow yourself a less healthy meal every now and then.
Ofcourse, a healthy meal would still be best but with all that Huel gives us we
could worry a little less about the rest of our diet. :sweat_smile::relaxed:

That said, I even mix up some U/U in pasta sauce for my weekend sin :sunglasses:
Today, organic pumpkin soup, going to have it Huel-free.

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My favourite healthy foods to eat alongside my 2 Huel shakes a day are: Avocado, chicken, eggs, yoghurt, berries, vegetables and whole grain rice.


Is anyone mixing huel + an egg in the mixer?

Huel + more Huel.


I tend to keep things simple. Chicken/eggs/legumes with a mixture of vegetables and maybe potatoes on the odd day.

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Spirulina - ‘the most nutrient dense food on the planet’

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Milk and Whey Protein.

I guess the problem is that no one really knows what other phytochemicals might be beneficial - and that it probably varies based on your lifestyle and physique (including gut mircobiome etc). There are not enough studies on the millions of different compounds yet.

From the macro and micro nutrient level Huel should provide everything that is scientifically proven to be necessary.

de let ed… De leeted

I hope I’m not offending anyone, but surely some people are massively overthinking these things…

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Sorry for answering the question in the thread, and adding some research I’ve found. I’ve deleted my comment.

You didnt need to delete your well written, well researched post. I just think that some people (rightly or wrongly) go into too much detail. I mean, The title of the post is 'Huel + ? = Perfect diet’

I was really thinking of inserting ‘3x Mars bars’ but then I would have been embarrassed by the lack of detail in my posting compared to yours! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: