Everyday Superfood Greens Powder - new product for US Huel

Interesting … presumably people don’t need this if they’re already having a lot of Huel?

Its definitely an unusual one this – powdered greens are a pretty big market - but also quite niche at the same time, and the CAGR for this type of product is good but not stellar. Personally not a fan of these type of supplements but will be interesting to hear how and if they handle the usual taste challenges.

‘Daily Greens is a supplement drink that would be taken in addition to any meals you’d normally eat throughout the day. Think of it as a natural alternative to a multivitamin tablet in that it gives you the bulk of all of your daily vitamins and minerals,’

When is this available in the UK please? I’m looking forward to it.

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I get the supplement/multivitamin marketing for people that aren’t drinking Huel anyway … but if Huel is nutritionally complete, why would people need this? That’s what I mean that it’s presumably for people who don’t drink as much?

VERY Interested in this product.

But price its wwaaaaaaaaay to high. We will see. I know Huel wants to be profitable, but price per kilo its getting crazy on each new release

The ‘premium’ green powder is AG1 which is significantly more than the Huel version, however all green powders that I have looked into have very mixed reviews with any properly qualified reviewers landing in the more negative side and most positive reviews accepting that the positive feeling towards the product was possibly placebo effect and likely the result of being better hydrated from the extra water intake.

Not my product of choice so not entirely familiar - but as Lee pointed out - this is like 45% cheaper than comparable products like Athletic Greens, so it appears to sit roughly in the middle ground of the market price wise?

I hope we get this as an option here in the UK. It looks very useful, esp. if it could undercut similar products on price. Count me in.

@alexday Huel Daily Greens is meant to boost your nutrition intake to ensure you get complete nutrition every day. If you are having 2 or more servings of other Huel products daily in addition to other foods, you’re likely already hitting your nutrient needs, though it depends on the rest of your diet.

For those who have 1 Huel serving a day or only occasionally, Daily Greens can be a great added boost to cover all your nutrient essentials, with potential added benefits from ingredients like adaptogens and superfruits too.

@Phil_C Huel Daily Greens tastes of crisp apple and pineapple. There’s a subtle freshness from lime and mint. We’ve tried to make a greens powder that hopefully, customers find tasty as well as beneficial.

@benrhodes90 Currently, Huel Daily Greens is only available in the US; however, that’s not to say it won’t come to other regions in the future!

What if your breakfast IS a Huel shake :smirk:

@Coup well in that case if it’s the occasional 1 or your only Huel meal then it’s fine, more than that then no need :sunglasses:

Thanks @Charlotte_Huel – sounds like it could be worth a try. If I had one main question it’s the packaging – unless you’re planning on selling this through retail outlets – why the full colour print? It seems a little out of step with your packaging sustainability goals.

No problem @Phil_C The colour of the pouch does not affect its ability to be recycled. In fact, we specifically changed the pouch material so that it can be recycled compared to the black edition or V3 pouches. Another reason is because we thought it looked nice and suited the range :green_heart:

One of your favourites…?

Looks great. Looking forward to trying it when it comes to the UK.

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Hi Charlotte – yes it wasn’t about the pouch material recyclability that I meant - but the sustainability from the slant of the design and production choices. You’ve gone for a full colour set so there’s probably 4 ink stations with pretty heavy coverage. What kind of inks were they? Solvent, water or bio based etc. Another important issue was what print method was used?

For jobs like this with full continuous tone and finer details – usually its gravure as its better with detail and better suited for long and repeated press runs – BUT the creation of gravure cylinders also creates very toxic waste mainly from the metals used in plating them. it also adds significantly to the pack costs.

There’s no argument that it does indeed look nice – but my query was, if this is not going to be an on shelf retail product - was looking nice enough of a rationale to counter the sustainability negatives of doing it.

Sorry if that all came off a bit abrasive – it isn’t intended to – I’m just wondering how this sits with your sustainability goals when there could have been a lot cleaner ways of doing an equally striking pack.

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AG1s marketers have spent millions and millions of venture capital money convincing people that they can supplement the lack of green in their diet with weird green powders they can market to yuppies who wanna optimize their lives to the max and are willing to pay a hefty premium for it.

If you already have the logistics and brand of Huel, it seems like a no brainer to offer one as well. Even moreso if you can sell a comparable product for much much cheaper.

But yeah, putting it in the product lineup with the normal Huel Powder is confusing. They need to communicate that its for people who don’t eat or eat very little amts of regular Huel

Some people have jobs/lives where getting a good diet is difficult. Or maybe they just want to make sure, and know most vitamins etc have a very high upper level before they cause issues.

Or maybe they are on a diet, and are eating less food than normal.

Some of those people would be happy with a pill, but others will like that it’s coming from “real food”. Each to their own really.

Sorry it’s taken a little while for a reply @Phil_C I’ve asked the product team for answers on this so once I’ve got a response on the inks used I’ll make sure to let you know.

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Particularly when we take into account statements made by staff in this forum about green powders.

They’ve never been huge advocates.

It’s also interesting to see “organic greens” as one of the pros/benefits listed (high up) in the product description.

That said, I’ve never been against greens and I think that they can provide something most complete food don’t.

Looking forward to trying it out.

EDIT: “91 vitamins, minerals and wholefood sourced ingredients”, is it ingredients or nutrients?