Improvements to Huel Daily Greens

We’ve made some changes to Huel Daily Greens.

We’ve listened to Hueligan feedback and challenged ourselves to make Daily Greens an even better experience.

New and improved Huel Daily Greens still contains 91 vitamins, minerals and wholefood-sourced ingredients and nutrients in every serving and still contains the same core blends: greens, superfruits and adaptogens.

What are the changes?

  • Smoother texture – reducing the inulin, oats, flaxseed and tapioca has helped to create a smoother mouthfeel and cleaner taste.
  • Smaller pouch and serving size – due to the reduction of these ingredients, the serving size has changed from 15g to 8.5g, now supplying just 23 kcal per portion. Because of this, the pouch will be smaller (255g) along with a new 8.5g scoop.
  • Taste and colour – to improve the taste, we’ve reduced the amount of chlorella and spirulina. Because of this, you may notice that the powder will appear less green, but once added to water, the colour will be similar to before.

And we’ve done all this while ensuring that the changes to the vitamins and minerals are minimal.

When are the changes happening?

You can expect to receive the new Daily Greens formula from mid May.

Any queries, please let us know in this thread!


Who complained it was fine as it was :frowning:


I could handle it but I wouldn’t claim it was pleasant. There’s no point in having something super healthy if the taste is so bad that people won’t drink it.

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I didnt mind it but if you use coconut water it was other worldy

Blend seemed fine with me. James, are you able to share the new Nutritional Information guide?


I can’t help but feel that’s it’s a bit of a bump to now be receiving essentially half of the product at the same price for changes which I never felt were needed.


You have to admire a company reducing the content by nearly half whilst saving money on ingredients, shipping and storage AND keeping the price the same. I’d be interested to know if there was any real credit to the complaints of DG causing vomiting. I can’t see how the ingredients being removed would cause that given that they are present in other Huel products.


Hmm I was thinking it’s amazing for the company to be so quick off the mark to change it after so many complaints.

Plus I don’t think anyone’s likely to be taking DG for the calories or the bulk. I mean a 50% reduction in the size of a vitamin tablet would be an improvement, if it still contained all the vitamins.

I am currently a customer. The taste was good and the consistency was smooth. Taste better than Athletic Greens and the consistency is the same. No one contacted me. An interesting statement to make and no one can check this! Can we have the data as per this page published re nutritional information and ingredients found here … Huel Daily Greens for the 8gm serving as it sounds like you are removing the bulky product leaving the rest so in theory we get 1/2 the benefit same price!!! So we can make a decision to continue our orders.

Is it possible the reduction in volume is to help those folks who have difficulty keeping it down? :thinking:

Why is there not a reduction in the cost to match the reduction in the included ingredients? It’s fine if you want to change the recipe to improve it’s consistency and flavour, but don’t act like I’m supposed to be overjoyed when you also use it as a chance to increase your margins.


Yes, it’s totally fine if a company wants to change a product to improve their margins. And I’m sure there will be some improvements to taste and consistency. But it feels disingenuous to try and pass it off as “We’ve done this all for your benefit!”


Think of the big picture, the production costs might not reduce in the short term, Huel’s fighting general price inflation, this is a big change only a short time since the product launch, extra work, extra costs.

Just sayin’.

The taste wasn’t that bad. It’s the best tasting greens I’ve tried

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YES! I love this change.
I’ve never tried DG yet and on paper this looks like a great idea. I was wondering why all the calories for what is a nutrient hit.

I was just looking into buying a couple of bags so I’m glad I didn’t as I think I’ll wait for the new formula. Will it be obvious which version we’re ordering?

Liked the taste, didn’t mind the texture and if the changes are so minimal, how does it result in an almost 50% reduction in serving size?

And for the same price? Feels like we’re being screwed here.


So basically a reduction in ingredients ; reduction in quantity but no reduction in price???

Could you provide the nutritional breakdown for the new product so a comparison can be made please? I for one had no problem with the taste!


I had no issue with taste or texture, can a full nutritional breakdown of the ‘minimal’ changes be shared.


I don’t think this was a cost cutting exercise, I think they genuinely felt they needed a better product (for more sales as well as other things).
The cost reduction of ingredients like oats and Tapioca is minuscule as they are cheap ingredients to begin with and without knowing the amount of spirulina and chlorella I can’t say what they are “saving” with this change. I do imagine they have spent far more money in developing this new formula then any savings they could have passed on.

I’m curious to know, what sort of saving do you think they could pass on with reducing those four ingredients?


So many first time posters! Welcome all! :grin:

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