New flavours?

Just started on Huel black, it’s great !!!
Any plans to introduce new flavours ?
Peanut butter or cookies and cream would be nice :wink:

So glad you’re loving it, John! Which is your favourite flavour so far!

We’re always working on something, thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately Peanut Butter is a difficult one, we have it in the USA, but can’t currently produce it in our UK facility. We’re working at it though!

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I was thinking about flavours today haha and this was the most recent thread I could find! So here I am to tag along and to see anybody else on here who may want to hop on (or combine other threads that cover flavour suggestions which I’m sure are looooooads :stuck_out_tongue: )

I thought that Huel - Dark Chocolate Edition would be a lovely flavour to bring into the product line somewhere. I find 70 - 75% is generally a percentage range that the majority of people enjoy.

Huel Black Edition or RTD would be :ok_hand:t2: or as a flavour boost perhaps :sunglasses:

Bring on the flavour suggestions people!!!

I think a really nice strawerry flavour (maybe I’m a bit boring) would be great.

Insider trader confirmed!

I would like something savoury, like a mulligatawny might work?

:laughing: absolutely, @Sn0wdogg knew something :strawberry: :milk_glass: :black_large_square:

Perhaps like a nice warm bowl of Madras Hot & Savoury…? Have you checked out our Hot & Savoury?

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@Tim_Huel I’m saying nothing :sunglasses:

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Coffee without caramel for Black Edition.

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