New flavour coming soon

According to the email I received today

What can that be? I assume not peanut butter


something with a :hot_pepper: in it :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m thinking. Or is it too obvious? I like the idea.

Surely it has to be a new hot and savoury with that ingredient?

unless they’re going for a chocolate chilli bar :slight_smile:

Yes I guess it could be as it is new flavour not new product and I can’t see chilli RTD working lol. Though have seen chilli bars elsewhere that are nice.

Here we go…:male_detective:



Could you post an screenshot? I havent received it yet

Please let this be French onion soup with lots of cheese.

Some of us don’t eat the spicy & hot stuff so any flavours like that are instant know and cuts out that portion of customers.

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I was just about to place an order to try H&S now that I’m down to my last bags of 2.3 Original/Banana/Chocolate (and the ongoing internal debate of what the third bag should be) when I saw the email. Do we get any hints @Tim_Huel? As in should I wait to order…?

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It could work, I’ve had some amazing chilli beers, but it’s not going to help us get rid of the poop thread any time soon.

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A bacon fries flavour.

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Chilli vodka

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Do I still need copy and paste of have you seen it?

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I’ve seen it. I think @airiartev hadn’t seen it yet.


Immediately puts the brakes on the order I was just considering…!

Really hope it’s a new H+S!


New to huel. Looking forward to a new sensation :slight_smile:


I’ve not received the email, could someone post?

there wasn’t much, just this teaser from an email sent yesterday.

That seems more flirtatious than anything.