Peanut Butter Huel Powder v3.0 and Black Edition in the US

I just got an email that a new flavor for the Huel Powder is available in the US: Peanut Butter

Any plans to have it available in Europe soon?


I got the same email, but didn’t notice the ‘exclusive’ part until I read your post, and now I’m GUTTED! :pensive:

Oh, just saw it:

And it’s also exclusive to the USA!

So, I guess there are no plans to bring it to Europe soon then?

Shame, I always like to have multiple flavors to avoid getting bored.

I was so hyped… but then it was only for US…

Funny coincidence: WTF Huel… today was the day I had bought for the first time peanuts to use as a daily snack in my diet. The matrix is very strange sometimes.

PS. I would try 100% Peanut butter Huel if you made it available in Europe

they’ve done staggered roll outs before - you’ll just have to be patient - or use PB2 in your Huel shake while you’re waiting :slight_smile:

Hey guys! I know I know, you’ll be super disappointed. It’s worth noting that basically all our new flavour launches go to the UK first, so it’s important to share the love :heart:

However, I bring sad news to the UK/EU as this isn’t just a staggered roll out. Our production facilities in US allow us to keep production in separate buildings so we can avoid risk of allergens in the other products, but our current setup in the UK and EU does not currently. Which means our other products in the USA don’t have any peanut allergen warnings, but the EU Huel would. We were always planning on launching our PB in the USA first, but right now we are not able to launch PB in the UK and EU.

Don’t forget about the delishhhh PB FB (Peanut Butter Flavour Boost - for those down wit da kidz) you can always add to your Huel! :raised_back_of_hand:

Sorry for the bad news!

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The sound (whine?) of the wheels and cogs of outrage spinning up to full speed is almost tangible :rofl:


How can i downvote this post?



I’m writing to my MP, Points of View, and Dear Deidre as we speak.


Isn’t that natural though, to target your primary market with new products first and then roll out elsewhere?

Depends on if you want it to remain your primary market. It makes a LOT of sense for them to focus on expanding their other markets.

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I for one welcome our non peanut butter related overlords.

Bleah. It’s gross!

Maybe if a marmite huel was released elsewhere unhappy but you can keep your nasty peanut icky butter for those Americans.

I’d say increase the fat content by a factor of 8 to satisfy current US nutritional trends, to be honest.


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I’m wondering where is the delicious PB FB produced for EU/UK customers?

Isn’t it sharing factory with the regular powder, so it also gets contamination risk?

The flavour boost does not actually contain peanut

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wtf how is that even possible?

definitely regional tastes play a big part in its success in new and expanding markets. Matcha would be a perfect example - a terribly poor seller in Western markets but a green tea flavoured powder could be a primary seller in Asean Plus Six markets serviced by their Japan operations.

It isn’t. FB are produced elsewhere, don’t worry!

Hunzas is correct, the PB FB doesn’t contain peanut (flavourings are mad right?!) However, our Powders do contain peanut flour too which is why they contain the allergen warning and are produced in different building.

True true. It’s a long time since the UK site moved from to The potential for US expansion has gotta be much bigger than over here.

I thought you were moving to all natural flavourings with v3, or was just with the big bags?

Lots of flavours don’t contain the flavour they are. Smokey bacon crisps don’t contain any pork.

Thank god we’ve got Frazzles. Or are you going to claim they’re bacon free as well?