Peanut Butter Huel Powder v3.0 and Black Edition in the US

Sadly, Frazzles are indeed vegetarian friendly. (liquid smoke, beetroot and paprika)

And Frazzle’s aren’t technically crisps. Crisps are made of potato whereas snacks like Frazzles and Monster Munch are made of corn.

Either way, Frazzles are rubbish. There is only one BACON FRIES.

Get in the sea heathen




Huel’s social team are saying ‘wait and see’ for UK/EU PB launch, so the flavour might yet arrive and it could turn out that @Tim_Huel was lying to us… again :wink: lol

Nope we’re saying the same thing :slight_smile: Right now, we can’t launch PB in our EU market.

Yup, Flavour Boosts and Powders use natural flavours.

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It’s complicated. Monster munch aren’t vegan yet the Aldi own brand version is and so is the Tesco version.

Beef BBQ flavour pringles are vegan.

I just check the box that I totally haven’t eaten more than half of whilst watching football.


Was just kidding :wink:

Sounds like a typical American flavour…I don’t think that a relevant number of people here in Europe would like to have it on the market here…