Salted Caramel 3.0 flavour in US store

@Tim_Huel @Dan_Huel just saw a new flavor was released in the US store for 3.0 Powder: Salted Caramel.

I’m wondering if there are any plans to also have it available in EU/UK sometime soon, or if it will be like Peanut Butter, and there are no plans to have it available here.


Literally just unsubscribed from the emails because I’m getting US exclusive stuff sent to me when I live in the UK and it’s not available here

Salted Caramel isn’t like Peanut Butter where there was allergen risks. We think Salted Caramel is well suited to our US Hueligans, and depending how it goes out there we may look to extend it into the UK/EU. Hope that helps. I can’t say we are definitely going to launch it, but I just mean there aren’t the same barriers.

When you sign up to emails be sure you’re on - we can no longer automatically redirect you to the correct website for your IP, due to GDPR I believe. So if you type in ‘’ in your search bar you will be taken to the US page. Then if you sign up to emails there you will be added to the US mailing list. Sorry for the inconvenience, sign up via and you’ll be golden!

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@Tim_Huel Same deal with Caffè Latte? We’ve had Coffee for a while now in Europe though :eyes:

It seems like Huel US is very different than Huel UK-EU.

Is Huel US managed by UK? Why so many differences?

Maybe the US market is the primary market of Huel now. More customers than in Europe, so forget about the old continent…

Seriously mate you’re getting really boring now. A comment like that just because they’ve released a flavour in the US first and want to trial its success?

Huel have released countless products in the UK/EU first, countless. The US had to wait AGES before they had bars.

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We don’t think our Coffee Huel would have worked so well in the USA. USA is a big place so we’ve got to look for tailored flavours for them. Caffè Latte is our US answer to the EU Coffee.

Hmm I’m not sure there are so many differences. Salted Caramel v3.0, Peanut Butter v3.0/Black Edition are available in the USA - I think that’s it apart from Caffè Latte which is just a US version of Coffee. USA also don’t have Mint-Chocolate v3.0. Things can get launched at different times, staggered, for sure, but that’s because of a load of reasons. Different suppliers and lead times in different regions can impact it, we might want to test stuff in EU or USA first, also it makes more business sense to spread launches out - from a marketing/sales perspective, but also because it’s pretty damn hard to launch products, so doing loads together is very very tough on our team.

USA is a very different market. We can’t just copy+paste everything into the USA, it wouldn’t fly, to win in the USA we need to tailor the experience and we think for the USA this comes down to the flavours they get too.

@Coup I see your frustrations, let’s play nice though. @mbs however let’s not throw the toys out the pram! As I’ve said above, it’s only a few products and we basically always launch stuff here first.

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You’re right, I was a bit too quick with my expression of disappointment, and I want to apologize for that. I am sure you have reasons for these decisions, and the product range here in Europe is still large.


No problem :blush: