Salted Caramel v3.0 🍬 ...finally!

Hueligans, it is a great day because we have just launched a Salted Caramel v3.0 Huel! We’ve had this in the USA for a little while now and it has been going down really well, so you’ll be pleased to know you can now get this flavour in v3.0 as well!

We’re describing the flavour as sweet, smooth caramel with a pinch of sea salt. But let us know what you think! Any questions, just put them below!

It’s right here.


Will you be offering these in a sample taster pack, have tried one of the pre-flavoured powders before and preferred the taste of adding flavour boost separately so don’t want to have to buy a whole bag to find that out. You have enough of these pre-flavoured powders now to offer a sample taster pack I would have thought.

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Hey Sam, welcome to the forum!

We won’t be offering a sample taster pack of Salted Caramel, like with our other flavours we don’t offer single sample pouches. Thanks for the idea of the bundle of single pouches to try. It’s not something we’re considering at the moment, sorry about that. As ever, Huel isn’t the sort of thing you just try once or twice and love, generally it takes time to build it into part of your lifestyle. With a bundle of samples that problem would still exist to first time customers.

I understand that, just taster packs allow your customers to try a range of products that they ordinarily wouldn’t try. You now offer lots of different pre flavoured both standard and BE but I am reluctant to spend £15 on a bag just to see if I like it or not. I will have to disagree with you on one point in that huel takes time to build into your lifestyle as you know pretty quickly if you really dislike a flavour. The flavour boost taster pack offered me an inexpensive way of trying new flavours and now I regularly buy flavours every couple of months purely because I was able to taste new flavours without spending lots of money. To currently try all your pre flavoured huels (7 standard and 5 BE) will cost £180 (which I just don’t have ready to gamble on whether I like the flavour or not) but I would happily pay £25 or whatever price it would cost around that for a sample pack of the 12 varieties. If your pre flavoured tasted exactly the same as your vanilla or BE with that flavour added then it wouldn’t be an issue but unfortunately they don’t hence my original question.


Perfect timing…had to order anyway to get my new supply…and jumped on the salted caramel…damn curious and excited!

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Are samples are done thing at Huel now?

No - they don’t do sample packs but you can add single packs to orders and in the very near future will be able to mix and match orders