Peanut Butter?

What happened to the peanut butter powder? A couple weeks ago it was available for a few days, and I and some friends of mine were really enthusiastic about it! Now it isn’t there anymore :thinking:

I don’t mean the flavor packets, because with those you still taste the oat or vanilla, but the proper white version of peanut butter.

Hope we can order it soon again!

it’s a USA only product.

99.9% do have to pay the price for the interests of 0.1%. That is called a democracy - something that is of higher value in Europe than it is in the US…so I am sure everyone here approves that decision…

Dennis! I’m so sorry for the disappointment, that must have been so annoying. Yes as Phil says and has linked to, we’ve only got the PB Flavor in the US at the moment. We’re not saying we wouldn’t ever have the PB flavour in our European markets but at the moment can’t due to allergen risk.

Are these allergies really that frequent? In traces it only affects those who have a real allergy, not just intolerance…and to my knowledge this is extremly rare.

the true/actual allergy (as opposed to intolerance) average is around 2% of the population and unlike many other allergies the majority of sufferers do not outgrow them. Because of this high rate they are classified as a common allergy.

They are also considered dangerous as at the moment, the only effective treatment is complete avoidance of peanuts and peanut-containing products - Adrenaline shots do not have the same efficacy in treating a reaction as it does with other tree nut allergies.

Peanut allergies are also the second most common food allergy in children and the one most likely to result in anaphylaxis and/or death in any age group.

Well not quite the only way of treating a full anaphylactic shock, you can of course inject Atropine into your heart.

Wouldn’t recommend it to be quite honest.

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Thanks for the background information; I didn’t think that true allergies where even traces can lead to an anaphylactic shock are that frequent. Because traces can be found in lots of different products…

even a trace amount if ingested or inhaled can lead to anaphylactic shock - it depends on the individual. typically people who have true peanut allergies and accidentally ingest or inhale peanuts will always have some form of reaction. 56%-60% of people usually require immediate clinical intervention. Severe/life threatening reactions are around 10-14%. They account for 60% of all food allergy deaths globally every year although admittedly taken as a percentage of the population its a small amount.

which is why it’s a legal requirement to label the product if there is even the slightest risk of cross contamination. failure to do so exposes the brand owner and packaging companies to fines in the tens of millions of dollars aside from any civil damages cases.

Thanks again for the information, Phil.

Are really all Huel product types in Europe produced in the same facilities? Do all production facilities produce the whole product range? Theoretically it would be possible to produce only one flavour per facility…then it would not be a problem if one flavour contained allergens because the other flavours would come from a different facility.

Depending on the number of production facilities of course…how many are there?

is there a way to maybe import it and (re)sell it? I think you’d get a better price for shipping cartons of the stuff vs me running two bags through ShipIto…
I think there would be a way to clearly clarify why it costs more :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation, good that there is a good explanation for it! It is a pity though, since I see so many positive reviews about the peanut butter flavor from the US, plus in the Netherlands a lot of people eat peanut butter on their bread daily, so I think there it would be a huge market as well. Hope it is taken into consideration!

You could use a flavour boost or flavour drops if you want to have that…

I tried that, but it doesn’t really taste like peanut butter and you still taste the oats or vanilla. There are not even real peanuts in there unfortunately.

if you have a blender you can also use actual peanut butter or powdered peanut butter which works really well and tastes great in Huel. I also tried adding a couple of fun size snickers as an experiment. won’t be doing it again. tasted great - too great.

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Thanks for the tip, I might try it!
Although, I eat almost 100% Huel, so the nutrients wouldn’t be right anymore then, so I won’t do it regularly + I’m afraid that the oat taste of unflavored is still present.

I think the powdered would be better than - if I mix two drinks up at a time ill add a good heaped tablespoon of it and thats enough to give a strong PB taste even with UU powder.

Yes, as others have noted the Peanut Butter is a USA only thing. This does not strike me as odd since it fits the dietary MO of us yanks perfectly. It is practically it’s own food group. I am glad to have it in my arsenal.

I have both the 3.0 and Black versions of peanut butter and have been experimenting quite a bit of late. My latest concoction I call the “Nutrigrain Bar”. I mix in a blend of black berries, raspberry, and strawberries with it and it tastes strikingly similar to these breakfast bars that are often sold at gas stations. It really hits the spot in the AM.


FWIW, I have tried both real (paste) and powdered peanut butter in my shakes (hand-shaken, no blender involved). The paste mixes up amazingly well, absolutely no issues. The powdered was more expensive, harder to find and I couldn’t notice any difference.

As a bonus, with the paste you can choose what exact style of PB you want - dark roasted, american-style, pure, whatever. Crunchy-style PB gives you something to kinda chew on.