Flavour suggestions

What flavours do you guys think would be great for Huel products in general?

New Hot Huel Thingies:
Personally, I want to go with asparagus or leek and potato - is probably include chicken or beef in there somewhere but even though I’m sure they’d be vegan friendly it might put some off to replicate those flavours.

Black edition:
No question, pure strawberry. I wouldn’t mind seeing a blood orange flavour either (my current favourite sorbet).

So much to choose from… but something to add texture changes like maybe Almond and Dark Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Mint (yes I love dark chocolate but twinnings dark choc mint tea is bloody incredible).

Flavour boosts:
Obviously all the above, maybe a “really spicy” fb for the hot stuff - tomato and green curry can always enjoy more spice. Would love a hazelnut boost for the shakes.


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New Hot Huel Thingies:
Mushroom Medley.

Black edition:
Banana & Honey.

Maple Pecan.

Flavour boosts:
Gingerbread or Mince Pie reinstated as permanent options

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Pecan is genius.

Edit: as an aside I don’t like either bananas or mushrooms hence no comment there. Also I quite like seasonal stuff, I think it would decrease the perceived value and FOMO if those seasonal flavours were added as permanent and thus diminish their value to us as flavours.

there’s a valid argument that mince pies should be available year round


Haha well they are! If you make your own mince!

if God had meant us to make our own mincemeat (or Chicken Kievs), he/she would never have invented Marks & Spencer

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They even have that where you live? I have to travel 10 miles to my nearest and even that is a chore… :wink:

granted, they are few and far between here, there’s an M&S in my city but the closest one with a bakery is 200 miles away,


It’s a bit like that here, when I tell people that the nearest motorway to me is over a hundred miles away they think I’m insane!

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I’m still holding out for RTD Banana. I’m convinced it’ll happen, but two things need to happen first:

  1. RTD Coffee to keep @Tim_Huel happy
  2. Me to have just placed an order for my next 36 bottles (Berry/Chocolate/Vanilla)

Once these two are checked off it’ll be announced with days…

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Strawberry Black +1 +1 +1

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All sound amazing! We have a similar palate perhaps.

Would be enough to get me back into RTD.

Hot and Savory: Jerk spice flavour and/or corriander and lime.

Black: Original
RTD: Banana
Bars: Toffee

But if toffee flavour boost is re enstated I would be happy with that.

Loving these suggestions guys, keep them coming!

Honestly, I’ll keep banging on Julian’s door for this!

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I would expect no less. If you can also let him know there are people in the queue behind you waiting (not at all) patiently for RTD Banana that would be much appreciated!


RTD Hueluccino? :smiley:

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I know know about everyone else but i do miss umami flavours when having Huel.

I think a @Phil_C idea of mushroom Hot & Savoury is a great idea. I would defiantly buy it.

Quick bump to point out that it is officially (according to an email I just got) 100 days until Christmas!

I suspect that any seasonal requests may be a tad late to develop for this year, but always worth thinking about!

My suggestions for 2021 Christmas are:
Cinnamon and orange
Chestnut and sage (controversial but would be a really interesting bar!)

I definitely think some kind of curry/tikka/dhaal flavour would work great with H&S

This sound wonderful! I actually felt Christmassy just reading that flavour combo. Don’t forget we still have Gingerbread and Chocolate Cherry Flavour Boosts available, I definitely think gingerbread is christmassy!

Ooooh now we’re talking. What sort of curry though?