Flavour suggestions

Decaf would be great

Can you not create decaf by adding decaffeinated coffee to Huel powder?

Any plans for Rhubabrd and Custard to return?

that’s just crazy talk :slight_smile:

Heh my mum adds camp coffee to black edition chocolate that I give her. It’s witchcraft I tell you. Tastes incredible.

that stuffs’ basically soy sauce right?

I dunno, she loves it tho

I do remember it from my childhood and to me it smelled and tasted disgusting. Its ingredients were sugar, chicory and coffee essence. I think it was sometimes used in baking coffee cakes and used in butter icing. I am a keen baker but I would just use diluted coffee in recipes and not camp coffee. :birthday:

I had an aunt and uncle who would drink no other coffee but Camp Coffee

I assumed camp coffee was just a British way of saying cowboy coffee, but now I’ve looked it up and it looks like awful stuff.

My gran RIP used to buy camp coffee. I remember it was grim. But her house smelled of Lambert and butler fags…which were probably instrumental in her early demise (74). I didn’t know it was still a thing and saw it about a year or so ago. Bought a bottle for old times sake…and it’s not that bad as a cold drink… considering I buy coffee beans that cost 10 times as much.

My OH makes the best coffee cake with camp coffee, contains no actual coffee but I had no idea the first time I had it!

Tonkatsu / Katsu?

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Peanut Butter RTD
Egg Nog RTD

Birthday Cake
Millionaire Shortbread

Btw: For almost everything it is possible to say “add X to Huel if you want to have flavour X” - according to that logic it would be enough to have a neutral powder only, because people could add anything they like. But then it would be no longer “convenient” - you see the problem?

They already have this

I know…nevertheless I still think that is is better to have other options too…always having to add something would’t be “convenient”…and I cannot imagine that no one else would like to have a decaf powder…

Im sure there are - but it’s probably too small a niche product as far as sales volumes go to consider as viable commercially

But I thought the flavour was popular?! That also means many people may want to use it in the evening. Especially if you are on a full liquid diet - and if you want to stick to one flavour.

already answered you on that specific dilemma in another thread.