Black edition flavour suggestion

Let me start off by saying that Huel Cookies & Cream is so good.

I would like to suggest additional flavours if that is ok and would love to see them developed.

Huel hazelnut paste in Huel Black edition or Huel Kinderbueno.

And Huel Tahini

100% Tahini tastes a bit bitter but there are variants out there that have something like sugar or other sweeteners and this makes it super delicious, creamy and sweet, like the ones that are hardened and developed as bread spread.

Also cannot wait for Huel Peanut Butter to arrive in EU.

Huel cookies & cream is my favourite right now.

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Oh many, you’re not alone.

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Yes please. Any form of chocolate hazelnut would be amazing.

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I personally think that it should be mostly or 100% Hazelnut since we already have two types of chocolate available atm and it gives people the choice to chose hazelnut if they desire so

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You can always blend a few hazelnut in the shake :slight_smile: