Can I get my Huel Delivered to Australia?

I work lots in Australia and unable to take it through customs , any ideas? and can I get Heul in Australia ?

We previously have tried to deliver Huel to Australia, however, every time we do customs rejects the parcels. Unfortunately this means we can’t deliver to Australia at this moment in time.

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Please tell me this isn’t still an issue, we’re going there next month… I’ll be forced to eat like a … normie shudders

guys? @TimOfficeHuel

I’m afraid it is still true. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Australia has some pretty insane regs around importing food. You’re SOOL for a lot of products sadly, unless they’re made in Oz or NZ.

But it’s not all lost, there’s a few lent products that are made in Australia, so all isn’t lost :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing us Aussies are still out of luck? @TimOfficeHuel

thanks for the tip @Tristan, we’ve been living off the Aussielent to make do, but still doesn’t compare to the Huel…

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To be fair we haven’t experimented again but we haven’t become aware of any regulation changes that would suggest anything other than the package would be sent back to us. Australia is most likely on the roadmap, although I haven’t seen this metaphorical roadmap, it seems like a logical step in our progression.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks Tim, won’t hold my breath but will keep a strand of hope alive that it’ll eventually be resolved

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Any development on this?

Afraid not Tim.

@Tim_Huel how about Huel bars? do you think they’d make it here?

happy to be a test pilot if we think there’s a non-zero chance it’d be let through

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