China - Direct Delivery

Does anyone get direct delivery from Huel delivered to China?

I recently discovered Huel and bought from the official JD online store, but have also just found out they will close the store next week as apparently Huel as made the decision to exit from China (according to the store rep I talked to online).

I’m just wondering if or how I’ll be able to continue with my newfound Huel habit in China, once my current supply runs out.

Is it possible to get it sent overseas to China, if so how much will it cost? If not, will I need to make frequent trips back to the UK and act as a ‘huel mule’ with a suitcase full of it?

Thanks in advance

Hey Woody,

We are pausing operations in China for a while. The red tape made it incredibly frustrating to set up correctly, but we’ve learnt a lot and will come back at some point I’m sure. In the mean time, we’ll be shipping orders from our UK DC. Currently, orders are shipped DAP via DHL, and I’ll be honest, the shipping is pretty pricey (even after we subsidise delivery costs), with it being £38 for 2 pouches (5kg).

However, we’re changing how this works in the near future, so the costs should come down somewhat. When are you due to run out?

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wow if you can deliver to China is it possible you can deliver to Australia as well? what sort of price would it work out ?

Thanks for the info Gulliver,

I’m sorry to hear, but also not surprised at all, that operating in China has its issues.

After hearing that the store would be closing, I decided to stock up on their remaining stock. The batch they sent me had ‘use by Jan 20’ on them, so I have enough on the way to last me until late Jan (possibly into February, I may have overbought!).

It was about £20 for two 1.72kg pouches. I expect it will be more expensive than that to receive it from overseas, but hearing costs should come down a little is great.

Hopefully, the new year will bring news, but if not, I will be in contact about arranging deliveries to China! :slight_smile:


Huel used to ship to Australia but deliveries got stuck in customs so they stopped shipping there. I don’t know if they ever restarted it.

Most definitely by January! If you have any questions or queries, let me know by DMing me or email the Huel email and I will get back to you!

@Blobbymatt that is correct unfortunately!

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Are you sure? It’s at least double that in the UK

@RyanT I think he’s referring to the shipping cost (?)

That’s great news, thanks. Will definitely be in touch next year!

Very sure. The store had their stock marked down to half price when I bought. Clearance sale due to the company pausing China operations I guess. They also knocked off £5 for every £20 in the order. (Prices were in Chinese currency, I’m just using the pound close equivalent)

In fact, I’ve just gone to check how much it was marked down and now it’s down to £10 for two bags of 1.72kg! I bought too soon it seems!

Now I’m wondering how long past the ‘use by’ date Huel is ok for… Perhaps I should buy more while I can get it so cheaply…

@ChristinaT shipping was free :slight_smile: