Currently delivering to China?

Currently delivering to China? How much? Estimated times?

the global delivery rates can be found here.

I get deliveries from UK to Malaysia - typically they arrive in country less than 48 hours from despatch but then you are at the mercy for however long local customs services take with it.

Be aware that you will also be liable for customs duty if any. As customs rates and import restrictions constantly change - they cant really advise on that - so you will have to check this out for yourself.

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Thanks. Do you know if that link has the most updated rates? Because I found a post here from August of last year saying they had stopped delivering to China.

6 bags would be about 1.53kg*6 is 10-15kg which would be 70GBP plus import taxes (any idea on those? the link says it’s unpredictable, but any idea on what has been historically the highest import taxes charged?).

the shipping rates are current. no clue what its like in China but in Malaysia the custom rates are entirely inconsistent and rely on the whims of whatever duty officer wants to rip you off buy.

I’ve paid as little as 9% and as much as 100% on the same deliveries - sometimes even duty free. Officially, the duty on imported dry food goods for personal consumption here is 15%. if the value is less than 100 GBP it is supposed to be duty free but as they also include the cost of shipping and insurance into that - it rarely falls into that category.

Officially – anything that’s classed as ‘luxury goods’ – you automatically pay a minimum of 100%. Luxury goods are anything that you could get an equivalent of from a local manufacturer.

Unfortunately, because there are many local copycat products to Huel now in SEA, such as Heal, Zoylent etc. increasingly customs people seem to be slapping higher tariffs on my Huel deliveries even though the local products are vastly inferior in most respects or are just vegan protein shakes.


Just as an add on - received my H&S delivery today and the random duty applied to it was 50% even though the order technically fell into the duty free bracket and even if it hadn’t - should only have been 15%.