New Zealand Shipping Experience

I wasn’t able to find a topic talking about the New Zealand shipping process in particular. I bought 56 meals worth of gluten free, with the free extras, and a large bag of flavoring. It cost 93.90 GBP + 42 GBP shipping (total = roughly 240 nzd). I received it on the third business day (fifth week day). I received no customs charges. It was packaged very well and labelled clearly with documents attached to the box. The tracking to NZ doesn’t give any updates, as was explained in the FAQ. I’m very pleased with the shipping process and thought this might help any other New Zealanders wondering about these sorts of things, as customs can be weird here sometimes. If you use the ‘What’s My Duty’ nz website to calculate duty, select ‘supplements - other’. The shipping cost should only be included in the Bottom field of the quote calculator. Note that any customs fees under $60 NZD will be waived. I reckon the Huel tastes great by the way.

So it gets to New Zealand just as quick as Aberdeen Scotland .
That’s awesome.