New Zealand (Wellington) split shipping cost


I currently live in Wellington, and I really enjoy Huel but the price of shipping is crazy. £25/$50 for (up to) 3 bags and £36/$72 for (up to) 6 bags. That is basically throwing one bag away each time you buy three…

I don’t know many people in Wellington who drink Huel but would be really nice if we could batch order like 6+ bags or so and split the shipping (and the bags. haha).

If someone from Huel has a better idea to make this more affordable for people that live in New Zealand, please do let me know!

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I live in Malaysia which is the same delivery zone as NZ – if it helps, I’ve found that 8 bags seems to be the optimum amount to buy to save overall - as it fits into the same 10-15kg delivery price as 6 bags and has the ‘sweet spot’ on the quantity discount scale.

For whatever reason it also attracted a much smaller duty premium than I expected – one box of 8 bags was 70% more duty than a box of 2. Go figure.