Shipping costs outside UK


I buy Huel from time to time and I would have wanted to buy and use it even more, but the shipping costs are very high.

If I buy 2 huel black and use a coupon, the price is 47GBP . The shipping cost (I live in Israel) is 33 GBP which is 2/3 of the goods cost.

I would have ordered 3 packages, but that makes it even less cost effective.

Can’t 3 packages fit into the 5KG limit of the delivery ? 3 Huel packages weight less than 5KG.

Anything can be done about the shipping costs ? @Tim_Huel


shipping companies / couriers charge by total package weight not just the product inside the packs. 3 bags of black including their packs weigh about 4.75kg then you have the weight of the corrugate box too so that will push it over the 5 kilo mark. You are better off going to the next tier up and getting enough bags to fit in within that range to avoid more frequent shipping fees in my experience.

If you look at DHL’s website and use their quote tool to see how much they charge to send a 5kg parcel from UK to Israel on standard delivery - not express - its £74

Hey Sharon, I will check in with the team to see what they think as it isn’t my area. It’s annoying having to pay such big shipping costs, sorry for this. I will get back to you.


Thanks for waiting, I just wanted to get some clarity. It’s clear that there’s not a lot we can do on this. 3 pouches plus the packaging is over 5kg limit, which has been checked by the team after I asked. We do already subsidise shipping, but the same amount as we do other countries. The cost @Phil_C grabbed is obviously just for one item from a person, clearly we’ll get a better rate as a business and relationship, but there isn’t anything further we can do for this. Sorry Sharon.

yes - it was an example to show that you already were ‘doing something’ with the shipping costs over what an individual would have to pay - sorry I didn’t clarify :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry I knew what you meant! Thanks for looking it up!

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Thanks for looking into this, Tim! :slight_smile:

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