16 products limit


I like Huel so far , even though I’ve only used it for 1 day :slight_smile: lol.

My question - would it be possible to order more than 16 items in one subscription ? the international shipping costs are quite high and I think it would be nice to save some by sending higher number of items in each delivery.


There’s free shipping everywhere above a certain limit I think? 60€ in Europe I believe. Where do you live?

I live it Israel - shipping is between 40 GBP to 93 GBP :slight_smile: so rather pay those 93 on big orders :slight_smile:

I see. That’s unfortunate that it isnt free.
Pinging @Tim_Huel to answer this for you hopefully :blush:

OK :slight_smile: found a way around it.

You can just create another subscription and it adds up to the same order, so I guess this is a good solution.