Multiple subscriptions and free delivery

Ok, after a period of testing I’m ready to start my Huel subscription. Yeah! :smiley: I’m doing some very difficult math calculations to understand which quantity and time span is better for me. :joy:

I was wondering how shipments work with different subscriptions. Are they handled as different orders?
If I activate two subscriptions (Huel and Granola) in the same basket and I get free delivery, but they have different time spans (one 4 and one 5 weeks, for example), so that they will need separate deliveries, will I still get free delivery or not?

Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

Hi there, yes so you would need to pay for the delivery of the Granola as the subscription is less than £15. As the frequencies are different they would be handled as separate orders. I hope this makes sense!

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Hi Tim, thanks! Yes I also talked to Lucie to clarify this. I’ve opted for another solution to merge the orders and have less shipments. Better for the environment too. :slight_smile: