Trying to restock in Indonesia - any experience shipping to Singapore? Using Huel Mules?

I live in Indonesia and have been consuming Huel for a couple of months since a recent visit to Europe. My best friend, a Londoner and fellow member of the the Huel tribe, met me in Brussels with 8 bags, which I carried home to Jakarta in my luggage. Huel has been a complete game changer for me, and my steadily dwindling supply is giving me anxiety. It’s like meeting the love of your life and realising you might never see them again!

While I’ve toyed with the idea of recruiting Huel Mules (Muels?) - friends visiting London - it’s a big ask, at risk of very long conversations with airport officials, and ultimately not a sustainable option.

I rarely travel to the UK/ Europe, but I have occasional travel around Southeast Asia and to Australia (I understand this is not a priority country for Huel - fair enough). Does anyone have any experience shipping to Southeast Asia e.g. Singapore or Thailand? I’m wondering how it works for customs etc. Alternatively, has anyone engaged a Huel Mule? I suspect the quantity and powdered nature makes it all feel unfairly suspicious (I certainly felt vulnerable checking 8 bags onto a flight).

Grateful any advice - thank you!

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Same problem here, once a Huel user always a huel user lmao. I also live in Indonesia and going back for the summer will be an issue for as I’ll be missing Huel for the next three months.

Huel should provide an international shipping option to any country. (additional fee charges perhaps?) (discounts to those buying in even bigger bulk options than just 8 bags?)

I have problems with supply living in Malta -I cannot imagine on the other part of the world!

I really hope the team steps up the distribution network somehow… before some resourceful asian comes up with his own recipe for a quarter of the price and corners that continent instead of the original firm :unamused:

If you invent something to facilitate the shipping let me know!