Can Huel be shipped to overseas place, say china?

Thank you! Just tried to buy at your website, but failed to go through. Cannot find “china” in the checkout part.


Hi Zhanglei,

Great to hear from you, thank you for taking an interest in Huel.

We are planning to offer international shipping soon. Europe will probably first due to it’s closeness.

I’ve looked into China for you but it’s very expensive, with our current courier it would be any extra £90 just for a week’s supply of Huel.



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@Zhanglei I’ve found a cheaper method, for one week’s supply of Huel it would cost about £39.



Alright, price is just one factor. What is that method?

@Zhanglei sorry I’m not sure what you mean by “what is the method”?

We give the parcel to the courier Interlink and they fly the order to you. See here:

Hey Julian and Co,

I will myself be living in China for a few months soon.

I was thinking about purchasing a month/6weeks/more worth for when I arrive.

Any update on international shipping and costs for this mount of Huel?

There is another option in my head, if you know if it is legal to do so? Order the Huel to London where I live, fill my check-in luggage with it for the plane ride.

kind regards guys and gals :slight_smile: