Flying With Huel?

Anyone had any experience putting huel in hand or checked luggage on flights?

As a vegan going to Asia for 2 weeks I thought it’d be very useful to take my huel with me but not sure if it’s gonna raise some eyebrows in customs! Haha.

I’m going to the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand!


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This sort of question asked frequently…dont think anyone has had issues anywhere. I know I havent. Australia is one i may be wary of personally

I took a sealed pouch of Huel to Norway and had no issues. I think it would be a problem at all apart from in countries where the import of dried food is a problem - are there any? If you’re worried then just make sure the pouch is sealed and maybe consider taking your First Time Customer booklet to explain it.

This is some info with regards to Australia. You will have to (or should) declare Huel…

I am not sure if anyone has travelled to Australia carrying Huel. Anywhere else seems pretty good…assuming you don’ just stick Huel in unmarked bags which may look a little suspicious.

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Is it wrong that I had a sudden image of little beige lines?