New Zealand-based Huelers HELP please!

This is a real long-shot but does anyone in Auckland/Hamilton in NZ drink Huel and happen to have an unopened bag they’d consider selling to me in the next five days?

I ordered two bags on 5 Jan, international shipping takes 3-5 business days, but I contacted them today (14 Jan) and they said the order was lost in the system and has not been shipped (despite saying dispatched on my account). I fly to Australia on Monday 20 Jan and then have two months around Aussie and Asia where I was planning on eating Huel to keep my diet consistent. It’s now too late for them to ship anything to NZ and they don’t ship anywhere else I’m going until I’m in Hong Kong in March.

Incredibly frustrating and stressful as I eat Huel while I travel to save money, avoid food triggers as I have various dietary requirements, and avoid wastage while I’m on the road. And I rave about this company to everyone I know, so it’s a serious bummer that this has happened and there’s not really anything they can do about it aside from offer £10 off my next order.

If anyone has a spare unopened bag I’m more than happy to pay to replace it for you + shipping costs obviously! And if not, does anyone know of any alternatives I can buy from a retail shop in NZ to keep me covered in the meantime?

Hi @byejoe,

This doesn’t sound like a good situation at all, and looking, its entirely our fault.

If you can send me a message with your order number / email to me, I’ll have you order re-shipped for you for delivery pre-Monday. The only thing that would hold it up is customs, but me and the account manager will follow this through to do everything we can to get it to you before you leave.

Apologies for this issue. Not good enough on our end, but its something we’re working to fix as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,