No problem ordering to Japan

Hi all,

I noticed a post about worries regarding whether bringing Huel around could bring trouble.
If anyone would have the same doubts about Japan, I thought I’d assuage them. I recently moved here, and ordered Huel soon after. Superbly speedy delivery, and no problems whatsoever.

My colleagues are intrigued by it, but I think I’m convincing some people in the office to get with the programme. It’s really a great alternative to convenience store food during the long hours here.

I’m on my second bag of Huel now, and am I looking forward to ordering more.

That’s it, hopefully someone will find it useful some day.


I have ordered 112 meals of Huel to Japan and I was charged about 5000 yen as import fees.

How many Hurl do you order every time and did you pay for the fees?

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I only ordered the minimum because I was just starting out. No fees on my side.

I’m trying to order huel to get shipped to Japan but each method I try (UK.Huel.Com and they don’t ship to Japan. Am I doing something wrong?

Can anyone get me a link to a site that does?

I have ordered through the Huel site (both one offs and subscription deliveries) to Japan without a hick. You have to pay some kind of tax to the delivery man, but that’s it. Swift delivery too - about 5 days. I can really only say that I went to the site and ordered as I otherwise would. Maybe Huel team has changed a procedure? is definitely the site to order to Japan, nothing’s changed with regards to us shipping there. I’ve just gone through the process and all is good there. Be sure to enter the correct Zip and State. Could you possibly screenshot the issue?

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Ok, I’ll try again and report back. Will screenshot if it fails again. Could have just been me.


This is what I get.

Ok, I changed the order to paypal and edited the address I had (there was some weird japanese text in there I don’t remember putting in) and it worked. 75 pounds delivered for the starter kit and flavour sampler thing. Will give it a shot and see. If it works a subscription will take a little of that off at least.

Left the previous post in case others have a similar issue.

Thanks for the update, I’m glad you got through via Paypal this time. I’ve just mimicked your order, I was ‘subscribing’ last time and that takes you to a different check out, so thought this was the reason I couldn’t repro it. But it also seemed to work fine, so I’m a little stumped - sorry I can’t help more.